15 Reasons To Love Juice Plus October 02 2016

15 Reasons To Love Juice Plus

  1. Added nutrition of 25 fruits, vegetables and grains to my diet EVERY day
2. Simple changes today can lead to great health benefits down the road. With Juice Plus, it’s easy to make the one simple change of adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet EVERY day

3.  Clinical research shows those who take Juice Plus can develop healthier immune systems, reduce cardiovascular stress and more. I hardly ever get sick any more

4. Juice Plus helps improve skin hydration, skin thickness and circulation in skin capillaries. Better nutrition leads to healthier skin which leads to BEAUTIFUL skin.

5.  No more bleeding gums. Juice Plus helps improve gum health and diminish bleeding.

6.  Juice Plus delivers antioxidants into the bloodstream and reduces oxidative stress. Several clinical studies show that Juice Plus helps to protect DNA from oxidative stress

7.  Reduces the risk of me developing a chronic health condition caused by inflammation. Chronic systemic inflammation is invisible.

8.  Kids are choosing to eat less fast food and drink fewer soft drinks and more water. REALLY?  Yes, a survey of 150,000 parents shows this to be true.

9.  Kids eat FREE!  This is the best deal. I was able to sponsor my daughter with my order of capsules, so she gets her Juice Plus FREE for 4 years.

10.  Juice Plus chewables are yummy. (Adults like them too)

11.  The Juice Plus Complete shakes are now my breakfast. I just add whatever fruit I have on hand, maybe a handful of kale or chia seeds or hemp or flax and I have the best nutritious breakfast. (Kids love these too).

12.  No juicing and NO MESS.

13.  So thankful my daughter was taking Juice Plus while pregnant and nursing. Her healthy nearly 6 pound baby has grown to over 11 pounds in 2 months.

14.  The Juice Plus Complete Bars are a delicious healthy snack (especially the chocolate) and help me through the mid-afternoon munchies.  

15.  Juice Plus capsules, shakes and bars all support healthy detox and weight loss. I’ve never felt better.

Juice Plus comes in capsules or chewables. Complete Shake is available in vanilla or chocolate and the Complete Bars are in Fig & Dark Chocolate or Seed & Fruits.