Relaxing Living Room Essential Oil Blend January 17 2016

Make your own relaxing living room essential oil blend. As this is where your family and friends spend most of their time, you will want to choose a nice relaxing essential oil formula. Make your own blend of oils. Here's a great blend to try.

Geranium     8 drops

Clary-Sage   3 drops

Lemon          5 drops

Bergamot     3 dops

Mix in proportion.      

Use this as a spray, place on a light bulb, add the oils to potpourri, use in an oil burner or use in an essential oil diffuser.  My favourite diffusers are the humidifier type. These effectively diffuse the aroma without heat and are healthy air purifiers - generating negative ions that help remove dust, bacteria and pollutants. Negative ions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and cells resulting in an overall well being.






 I also like to use this blend in my pendant diffuser. Mix together in a small dark glass container and then add 2 or 3 drops to the felt in the pendant. 




 I hope you like this relaxation blend. Enjoy aromatherapy wherever your are!