Ion Cell Phone Cover January 25 2016

It's all the BUZZ!  Cell phones are indeed hazardous to our health, and may also be literally ZAPPING us of our precious life vitality and balance which can affect our memory, energy, sleep, emotions and more. But they are also FUN so rather than be in fear of them, let's become AWARE and PRO-ACTIVE. 

Cell Phone radiation is simple to understand-  Electronics put out (+) ions (non physical) that are desperately seeking (-) ions physical matter (including our bodies) to balance themselves. 
The (+) literally etches off the physical around it. Again that physical is often you, your kids or whoever is around your phone. 

The ionizer insert on this phone has over 20 natural (-) ion ingredients including Black Tourmaline, famous for its ability to Neutralize the effects of ELECTRONIC TOXINS. 
This unique Patented delivery produces piezo energy (over 1 million rays of nature's  balanced energy  per second) helping to feed the phone what it needs which can reduce the phones need to feed life energy from our bodies. 

It's Scientific and makes total COMMON SENSE!  That's what I tell people when they ask what that cover is on my phone. 

Colors are Black, Green, Purple and Turquoise 
Remember this insert does not stop a phone from producing (+) ions it simply feeds it the (-) to help neutralize and harmonize the energy.