Natural Teething Remedies February 26 2016

Teething Relief Wellness Oil

Natural teething remedies will help relieve symptoms of teething in babies.

Your baby's first tooth is a major milestone and something to celebrate. However, the process leading up to this occasion can sometimes be a trying one for parents and babies alike! While some babies simply sail through the process producing huge toothy grins, the majority experience common crankiness, drooling, crying and biting problems as their little teeth try to emerge from their gums – often leaving themselves and their parents at wits end! Teething problems can literally turn your precious ‘bundle of joy’ into a ‘bundle of misery’ – and just when the offending tooth has finally popped out, the next one comes pushing through!

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This oil is completely natural unlike most ointments that are traditionally placed in a baby’s mouth to treat a baby’s teething issue. Lavender and chamomile safely go to work to relieve pain on contact, in addition, it offers a calming aromatherapy scent to soothe both baby and parent. Massage a small amount of this soothing oil onto the outside area of your baby’s cheeks. Allow to sit as long as possible then wipe off excess oil.

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