Natural Air Freshener Bags March 05 2016

Natural Air Freshener Bags add lasting freshness to your home. These are easy to use, economical and safe for your home. They actually absorb odour instead of covering it up with spray. (These sprays are not healthy and could be toxic to your home)

The Air Freshener Bag is more sustainable than ever. With the ability to replace the inner Freshener Bags, it’s even easier and more economical to keep the air in your home fresh, clean and free of chemicals. It’s also great for the environment! Fast-growing, sustainably harvested Bamboo is the secret in these natural air-freshening bags. The porous Bamboo is turned into charcoal, which quickly and effectively absorbs unpleasant odors plus mold- and mildew-causing moisture. Recharges naturally in daylight.


These are great for kids sneakers, skates, dance shoes. Or throw in a hockey bag, gym bag or dance bag.

And when you feel you need to refresh and purchase a new Air Freshener Bat you can use the charcoal as a natural fertilizer. How cool is that?

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