Natural Non-Toxic Food Wrap April 24 2018

Are you using plastic wrap in your home to preserve your food? 

To store leftovers? Or maybe even to transport snacks? 

If so, did you know that a recent study done by the University of Exeter has shown that over 86% of people have traces of Bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA) in their digestive system from plastic? 


Plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic bags…plastic is EVERYWHERE! 

Single use plastics are an epidemic that is filling our landfills with non-compostable trash and leaving millions of people with harmful toxins in their bodies. Recently our local recyclying program has said NO to plastic. WHAT???

The timing was perfect for me to run across this new company. Etee has developed an innovative organic, 100% biodegradable solution to this problem. 

They are natural beeswax food wraps which can be used to store, preserve and transport food in a method that rids the world of harmful plastic.

etee natural food wrap

Etee has spent over three years developing their proprietary wax formula which includes natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, coniferous tree resins and more! → (click here to see the full breakdown) 

Most importantly they are: 

● 100% Organic 

● Biodegradable 

● Handmade in Toronto, ON 

● Reusable ● & more! 

→ Click here to watch a video of the wraps working on common foods like pizza, sandwiches and more. 

This innovative solution is an incredible way to say goodbye to single use plastics. 

In the words of Etee: “Ditch the plastic and join our revolution!” 

P.S. → Click here to watch the video about how the wraps can be activated and used as bowl toppers, snack pouches, sandwich bags and more. 

These are a must have for the kitchen!


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