What I Just Learned About Omega 3 Health Benefits June 13 2018

Wow, I just listened to a recording by Dr. Bill Sears on brain health and the Omega 3 health benefits for the brain.

Here's a scary stat - Last year the brain was at the top of the charts for medical help - outdoing the heart for the first time ever! The 20-40 age group is the most rampantly growing age group with brain issues.

Here's the link to listen to Dr. Bill Sears recording (42 minutes)

The good news is that the brain is one of the most preventable organs for disease. Studies have found that individuals who turn to omega‐3 on a regular basis are less likely to be faced with depression. What’s even better is that when individuals who are diagnosed with depression or anxiety turn to omega‐3 supplements, their symptoms improve.


Omega‐3s are important for brain growth. Infants that are given DHA‐fortified formula have a tendency to have better eyesight than those who are fed normal formula that doesn’t contain it. It is also important that you get enough omega‐3 when you’re pregnant, as this will be beneficial to the child.

There are numerous Omega 3 health benefits:

  •   Better communication

  •   Better social skills

  •   Higher intelligence

  •   Less behavioral problems

  •   Decreased risk of autism

  •   Decreased risk of ADHD 

Omega 3 and Aging

I have two friends who have had to be placed into long-term care homes at a young age because of Alzheimer's.  Both  started getting symptoms at the age of 55 and 5 years later are unable to recognize any of their family members. This breaks my heart and really scares me. I couldn't imagine not recognizing my family.  Read the book or watch the movie "Still Alice" to get an insight into the first stages of dementia. You'll want to start taking your omegas right away!

A clinical study looked at giving supplements to people who were healthy but were beginning to show some symptoms of dementia, such as difficulty with memory recall. This study involved 437 people and indicated that after 24 weeks of taking the supplement, some kinds of memory recall and learning were improved. This could suggest that taking omega-3 supplements early on in dementia development may improve symptoms.  Dr. Sears says that at age 50 the brain starts to deteriorate so need more brainfood - omegas.

Again, here's the link to the recording.

If you are interested in taking an omega supplement, consider the Juice Plus Omega which is made from algae, not fish -- so it doesn't have the fishy taste and is great for vegans.