Amber Rectangle Himalayan Salt Light

$149.97 USD

This Amber Rectangle Salt Light is truly a one-a-of-kind piece that will leave you and everyone who feels the glow of its warmth feeling so well. Each light is mounted on a Zen-inspired wooden base, and comes complete with 2- UL tested Dimmer cords, 15 watt bulbs, box and care instructions.

Think of a moment when you took a breath of fresh air and felt instantly relaxed. Now you can have the feeling all the time in your bedroom, office and living space. This Amber Salt Light ionize sthe surrounding air, oxygenating it, which recreates this same experience in your daily environment.

Skilled artisans craft all these salt products by hand at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and created with the highest standard in international fair trade agreements, you can rest easy knowing that you are supporting our talented artisans, while enriching your environment with the negative ions released by these unique salt lamps.

Fully backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Weight: 40 lbs

Height: up to 10″

Length: up to 12″

Width: up to 4″

Ion Radius: Approx 16′

Limited Quantity !

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