Blessing Bands - My Faith is Bigger Than My Fear

$82.00 USD

BlessingBands are personal power bangles to give you strength, motivation, courage and wisdom throughout your day. Basically they are bangles with words and expressions to lift, inspire and bless you! They are meant to guide you toward consciously living. They are meant to help you awaken into your truth, your balance, your story. They are positive reminders to seek yourself; to empower yourself.These are all completely hand-forged.

They are hand engraved, hand hammered and hand soldered. The tiny dangles and shapes are hand cut. They are hand aged with eco-friendly darkening patina to bring out the characters and the fine details of the bands. Some are rolled for texture, some are flat, straight and traditionally hammered. They have depth, dimension, spirit and purpose. They are high quality and very durable and communicate a powerful message as you wear them. 

Sizing Details
Extra Small/Small: 2.25" Diameter OR 7" Circumference
Medium: 2.50" Diameter OR 7.5" Circumference
Large: 2.75" Diameter OR 8" Circumference
XLarge: 3" Diameter OR 8.5" Circumference

Pick Your Finish
Polished - they will come straight out of the tumbler and get packaged up. But you should know that as these pieces come in contact with your skin, they will naturally age or darken, adding a rustic beautiful flare to them. 

Clear Guard Satin - they will still be tumbled for hours but then they will receive a coating of our eco-friendly clear guard satin spray. This low VOC, environmentally friendly spray helps to guard against sun, salts, heat, water and tarnish. Though it won't last forever, it will still give a beautiful satin coating and help to stave off the aging effect if you are not partial to that.



Here are the BlessingBands offered
*my faith is bigger than my fear* + TRUST ring. Band is 1/8" hand-hammered 10 GA nu gold and ring is 10GA copper.
*BE BRAVE* + raised heart. Band is 1/4" wide funky hammered 16 GA copper and heart is nu gold.
*i love us* + infinity dangle. Band is 1/8" flat-hammered 10GA German silver and infinity is 16GA nu gold.
*i love who i am* + open silver heart. Band is 1/8" 10 GA hand-hammered and heart is 16GA German silver.
*love . family . happiness . health* + raised heart. Band is 1/4" 16GA German silver and heart is copper
*i am fearlessly authentic* + swirl dangle. Band is 1/8" flat hammered 10 GA nu gold and swirl is 18 GA nu gold.
*be. the. light. + raised star. Band is 1/4" 16 GA rolled texture and star is sterling silver.
*prone to wander* + GO & DO dangle. Band is 1/8" flat-hammered 10 GA copper and GO&DO is 18 GA German silver.
*breathe believe receive* + yin yang dangle. Band is 1/8" funky hammered 10 GA German silver and yin yang is 18 GA nu gold. 
NOTE - breathe believe receive is evenly spaced all the way around the band.
*explore travel adventure live* + arrows all evenly spaced around the band. Band is 1/4" flat hammered 16 GA German silver.
*with brave wings she flies + wing dangle. Band is 1/8" rolled texture (that looks like pieces of a wing!) and wing is aged copper.
*CARPE DIEM* + star. Band is 1/4" 16 GA hand-hammered and star is sterling silver.


**All of our pieces are made-to-order from scratch. 
**NORMAL PRODUCTION - Once we receive your order, it goes immediately into the normal production queue which is on average 5 business days but can be longer depending on our load. 


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