Grey Himalayan Moroccan Style Salt Lamp

$89.97 USD

Feel the soothing of the mind, and the refreshing feeling in your body, as the negative ions released from our salt light release into the surrounding air.

Each salt lamp is hand-carved at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains by skilled craftsmen, from pieces of pure salt crystal that haven’t been unearthed in 250 million years. You will immediately notice the revitalization of the oxygenated air in your personal environment.

The grey color of these unique lamps comes from a rare vein of Himalayan Salt. Although these lamps are predominately grey, white salt and/or amber salt may be present due to varying concentration of minerals in the salt.

This Grey Moroccan Salt Light will transport your space into a Middle Eastern sanctuary with the flame-shaped salt crystal featured on top of a black swirl metal base. This unique shape, and the mild, soothing glow, you will be aesthetically replenished by the ionization while the salt lamp draws your eye.

** Comes with a  UL-tested on/off cord, a 15-watt light bulb, and care instructions. Fully backed by our 90-day Satisfaction Guaranteed  

Weight: 7-8 lbs

Height: up to 7″

Ion Radius: Approx 7′

UL tested Dimmer cord, 15 watt bulb, and care instructions included.

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