Lemon Essential Oil

$17.99 USD

Lemon esssntial oil can be used as a general tonic, for infections, detoxification, general fatigue, obesity, balances sebum, acne, boils, warts. Increases shine and growth of hair and nails. Reduces physical exhaustion, digestion, rheumatism, arthritis, colds, flu and all respiratory disorders. Antibiotic, sedative, astringent, stimulates immune system, antidepressant, antiseptic, and calmative. Perhaps the most effective oil in a room spray for disinfecting the room air. Promotes weight loss, reduces cellulite, useful for oily complexions, hair and skin blemishes. Strengthens epidermis function, aids epidermal circulation, gland stimulant and purification. Stimulates connective tissue, elastin and collagen.  Raises blood pressure, reduces hypertensive and diabetic accidents, reduces blood sugar. Balances stomach acidity, endocrine stimulant. Induces labor when overdue. Do not use in sun products. 

Scent: Light citrus scent, clean, sweet, sugary, top note. 
Source: Peel 

1 oz
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