Near Infrared Salt Sauna

$3,400.00 USD

Each near infrared salt sauna is hand-crafted to order by skilled artisans in Skokie, Illionois, EMF safe and nontoxic. You won’t belief the benefits of your cells renewed by the healing energies, while you sweat out toxins and lose weight from relaxing in our Near Infrared Salt Sauna. Feel the tension ease from your body, as muscles relax and stress drifts away. This is a gradual, safe, gentle, and effective way of removing toxins from your body, while rejuvenating your damaged cells, and losing weight.

Size: 39″ depth x 52″ length x 70″ height


Therapy enhancing 97% Heat and Light Reflecting Walls

Comfortable Hand Built Stool

100 lbs of Himalayan Salt Flooring

Energy Efficient 750 watt NEAR Infrared light and heat therapy

100% Sustainable Wood

On/Off Switch


You will combine the healthy effects of breathing in ancient, healing ions, and imparting 84 different minerals into your body, while removing fat soluble compounds and water soluble compounds while you sweat them out naturally, saving your organs a lot of effort. This profuse sweating has been shown to cleanse pores, making your skin appear younger and softer, while still retaining your natural, radiant glow. Feel how great your system will feel without the trace mercury or heavy metals that permeate our bodies through air pollution, hard water, and diet.

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