Positive Mind Spinner Ring

$109.99 USD

The saying, *positive mind. positive life.* is hand engraved on a 1/8" wide nu gold band that encircles the main 3/8" rolled and textured band. It will spin freely around the main band as you wear it along with a very thin, textured 1mm copper band. There is not a better mantra to meditate on throughout your day ... keep things bright. keep things positive.

Based on ancient Tibetan prayer wheels, spinner rings have outer bands which manually spin freely around an inner ring.This motion in the ring gives the wearer a special "calming" effect which sometimes helps in the aid of anxiety and worries. These are rustic, earthy and all hand-forged. Purposefully and deeply treated and oxidized to give a vintage appeal, it'll feel like an old treasure passed down for generations. Made of sterling silver.



*Made-to-order from scratch. 

**NORMAL PRODUCTION - Once we receive your order, it goes immediately into the normal production queue which is on average 5 business days but can be longer depending on our load. 

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