White Globe Himalayan Salt Lamp

$69.97 USD

Each White Globe Himalayan Salt Lamp is hand-carved by skilled artisans from pristine salt crystal that has lain untouched in the Himalayan Mountains for millions of years. Unearthed and crafted in these beautiful forms, this product represents the highest caliber in fair trade agreements so you can rest easy in your living space knowing that you’re helping these artists thrive.

As soon as the light is turned on, the air is oxygenated from a salt crystal that has lain hidden for millions of years.

The sphere is the ancient, mystical symbol for unity. Each point on the surface is an equidistant radius away from its center. This perfect form has inspired mankind for millennia, and can now inspire you, and uplift your living space with the healing power that comes with oxygenating its surrounding air. See how our salt lights help you to increase focus, breathe easier, and have a more restful sleep during the night.

**Each White Globe Salt Light is mounted on a Zen-inspired wooden base and comes complete with a UL tested on/off cord, 15 watt bulb, box and care instructions.  

Fully backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.


Weight: 6-8 lbs

Height: up to 6″

Ion Radius: Approx 5′

UL tested on/off cord,  15 watt bulb, and care instructions included.

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