White Globe USB Salt Lamp Light

$24.97 USD

Computers and wireless devices create unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Keeping a Crystal Salt lamp next to your computer helps counter EMF (electromagnetic radiation) organically, because these ancient crystals resonate at a frequency nearly identical to our bodies’.

Each So Well salt product is hand-carved by skilled artisans at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains from a pure, solid salt crystal that has been resting untouched for millions of years. 

Our White Globe USB Light provides a brilliant white glow, while benefiting from the oxygen-rich surrounding air. Customers report increased immune system, easier breathing, and a deeper, more restful sleep. Keeping a mini-salt light next to your computer can counter the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation emanating from it. It makes a perfect gift for a student dormitory, cubicle, or traveler.

Simply plug into your computer’s USB port for power! 

Weight: 1lb Height: 3”


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